February 11, 2021

Nyza Cosmetics Is A New Beauty Brand Created For Black Women . Nyza Means Gift From God; Beautiful; Lovable Pretty . Nyza Cosmetics Will Produce Beauty Products for  Women Of Color and all skin tones . NYZA COSMETICS Was Created Specifically To Meet The Needs Of Women Of Color . Nyza will also be debuting their organic skincare brand.  Organic skin care is generally defined as skin care products which contain organically grown ingredients that are free from pesticides. Organic products are deemed to be more beneficial for the skin, as it is presumed there are little to no harsh chemical ingredients, and they are marketed thus.


The difference between natural skin care & organic skin care

‘Natural skincare’ comprises products which contain ingredients that come from natural sources but are not necessarily organically produced. They may contain preservatives and chemicals like many other products, however, their main ingredients may be plant-based and therefore marketed as ‘natural’. ‘Organic skincare’ includes products comprised from naturally sourced ingredients that are produced without chemicals or pesticides.

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